Thursday, September 24, 2015

Todays Makeup

Todays makeup consists of some of my favorite makeup gems. Through this month I've loved wearing my Estée Lauder EE cream. The sheer light is perfect. And the finish and coverage is gorgeous. My concealer choice is Maybelline Fit Me shade 15.  It is a lovely color and the finish is good. For rouge I'm wearing Isadora Perfect Peach which was a favorite this summer. It's bold and a little subtle. I'm skipping eyeshadow and instead use my Soap & Glory solar powder. The lightest shade. I think highlighters are a little tricky, never knowing how much to add where it looks best. This one has such a subtle shimmer easy to build up. It's kind of white with beige, silver and gold. Lots of shimmer :) Though it doesn't matter I love the box! The design is enough to pick it up. For lips I've went with Maybelline Color Drama in shade Minimalist. A gorgeous subtle pink. 

I mentioned most products above. Highlighter is : Poudre de Riz de Java Bourjois. The gorgeous round box :)

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