Thursday, October 22, 2015

Some of Todays Picks

Though I'm paler during autumn I've found that this balm powder looks gorgeous. This is one of the most gorgeous luxury product I've tried. The formula and finish is like silk. The packaging is gorgeous too. It's so easy and comfortable to apply. If you'll have a few contouring products this powder balm should definitely be one of them. Looking for a matching foundation I can recommend YSL Youth Liberator Foundation Serum. I wear this in shade Beige Rose which is the only shade I've tried so far.

It's been a while since I wore nail polish. Wearing this a lot does no good to the nails. But I wear it as much as I can. Today I've picked a shiny, pastel pink from Nails Ink in shade Whitehall. This brand along with Essie are my favorite. The colors and finishes are gorgeous and interesting. With this one I only need one application. Two looks gorgeous as well, slightly more matte and white.

My favorite Mac lipstick at the moment has to be Pure Zen. This has so many color nuances at the same time looking gorgeous in the light. It has a wonderful creamy consistency and smells like vanilla. I think most of the Mac lipsticks do :) There are so many interesting shades. I currently own three. Pure Zen, Cream Cup and Please Me. The latter has been my favorite most of the time. This is kind of matte purple. 


YSL Les Shariennes Balm Powder shade 3

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation in shade Beige Rose

Mac Pure Zen lipstick

Nails Ink nail polish shade Whitehall

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