Friday, October 23, 2015


I love this pink color on the book. Today I've decided to go for a simple makeup look. I've began writing a letter and opened my favorite book, not been reading so far. I spent time reading this at night. Now the main character is not in Vegas. I'm reading The Goldfinch. I've come half way and enjoy reading a lot. I have some cleaning to do and later I'll watch a movie with one of my friends :) The last time we met for movie we saw Annie Hall. Today we're watching Manhattan. I've been looking at cinema program hoping to see Crimson Peak soon. Have you seen the movie?

It is sunny and a little cloudy outside. I'll enjoy a walk by the water. Now I'm drinking tea wondering if I'll finish my short story. I have written about a teenager in possible cricis. The main characters are trying to figure out what's going on without ending up in problems too. Topics are friendship, drugs and family.

Now I've written more on the short story. The weather has become more cloudy and temperature dropped. At least I shall go to the store and buy some snack. Down by the water it is a little warmer for walking, but I might do that tomorrow.

Friday evening:

I'm back after some hours with movie and television at my friends place. Then just now I went for an evening walk. I think I shall write more on my short story then maybe plan some shopping.


  1. Really cute, original post I love the idea of this! Also your blog is so pretty ❤️

  2. lovely post ! I haven't seen Crimson Peak yet but perhaps next week or week after ! Ps: that lipy look so cute :)