Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Swirl Around the Palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush palette in Golden Sugar

As I try out makeup palettes I find them more interesting. Makeup Revolution have some pretty palettes with a gorgeous selection of shades. I've had this for a while and think it is the most lovely palette. The shades are wearable and each interesting. I like the pink tones the most with the lilac. The first that draws my attention is the pink up to the left. That's where I begin and then I move on to the pink under and add some of that. I use the highlight and move on to contour where I use the cream highlight bronze and darkest brown color. All look very subtle and elegantly mixed. That's what I find interesting with this makeup palette :) Tomorrow I will try the orange with the lilac and see how that look. So today I picked these five shades. Usually I always wear two of them. The first I mentioned, the pink and also the darkest for contour. In the picture above I'm wearing most of these shades and the lilac on checks.

Have you tried the Golden Sugar palette? :) 

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