Sunday, December 6, 2015


 On my playlist is Harry Potter music from my favorite movie. The Half-Blood Prince. This movie have so many interesting soundtracks :) I've just made dinner. It's super cold outside so I think my  wool clothes will come handy. So far today I've relaxed to a movie and music and read others blog posts. Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip and today I've tested the most expensive product. A skin care product from a brand I like very much, Biotherm. I also bought a shimmery all over powder  in a vintage looking bottle. It's a lovely soft, gold shimmer with vanilla scent. The formula is pretty and different to all other I've seen so I think this is quite a gem :) Can't wait to test it more. Today I've skipped makeup since my skin should breathe a little. Last evening and night when I could not sleep I started writing again on my story and read in the first Donna Tartt book. It seems like I'll finish this before Christmas. And I plan to do some reading in it today :) I also plan to draw something. Or make a sketch. Then write :) I feel the writing on my story works best when I write on a daily basis.

I've done some cleaning and will do some more. Then I might read in one of the two other books I'm reading. One of them is quite big. So I have plenty to read there when Christmas come :) This is Anna Karenina. I've not watched the movie though it was through this I became aware of the book. :)

Now I've done a little drawing and listened to music. Drawing comes up on the blog tomorrow or next day :)  I hope you have a nice Sunday!

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