Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Trial Book Review

I've read my second strange book by Franz Kafka now. I can not remember having read books like these two. The Castle and The Trial. The latter I finished today. In both stories a man is troubled with the dangers of his future and his own desires for doing something wicked and dangerous. No matter how he lives he wants to live life to the fullest and seize every upportunity that can give him some benefit.

In The Trial which I will write about today the main character wakes up being arrested. The arrest drags him into a black whole and he lives his life like normally. But he is unsecure what everything will lead to and when. He probably knows a great deal about the result. I did not mention that they never tell him what he is being accused of and he must find a lawyer and the lawyer tells him nothing. So this is The Trial. Josef K, the main character tries to win time and influence and play a game as good as he can. He work as a bankier and continues the work as long as the process is ongoing. Leni his misstress introduces him to another man awaiting a result for his process from the same lawyer. Soon this other man reveals he has been waiting for five years and that he practially lives in his lawyers house in a small room more like a storage space. This does not seem odd to Josef K. He just don't like that Leni is involved with the other man and that he had to learn about it at the lawyers house.

Franz Kafka writes good and keep the focus always on the same character Josef  K without it being boring or strange. There are some other characters we get a little better introcution of like Leni,his misstres and the lawyer. Nobody is being described as a close friend or lover or parent of Josef K and that could be boring. But the story is rather unique and well written.

The nature of the characters in this book seem to be the same. One meet another and they equally understand each other quickly. They speak kind of the same way and behave strange with sudden passion or discretion. People there are quickly updated on news and nothing is been talked carefully about or kept quiet.

The book has 230 pages which is just perfect. And it is a classic so you should easily find it! :)

What are your thoughts on The Trial?

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