Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Perfect Summer Chill

Regardless of the weather which is always so important during summer I always like the thought of reading fiction book after ficion book. I also like to write. Fiction writing like short stories. Writing like blog posts, letters and diary notes. This summer I plan to work on my book. For more simple writings like the diary I'm writing more honest about feelings and my days. Such writing does not require much work but keeps one more reflected about life. Dreams, changes and progress and your current situation is important to sum up and put into words! I feel more calm and reflected by this rather quick.

When I'm in the mood for writing blogs posts it is one of the loveliest thing to do. It does not take much time. And there are many things to write about and photos to share. When I find a good book I read at the library, at home, on the subway and in cafes. A good fiction book should be an easy read, have interesting thoughts and confident language telling a good story. I once hope to have my own library! Making the space feel like an oasis for me and my visitors.

Once I find a fiction author I like I focus more on his/ her books instead of always checking out a new. Since I like writing myself I like seing more from the same author. Knowing more of a couple authors books then twenty authors books makes the reading fun because one is more focused during reading knowing about the style and story developing.

Actually reading can have a light easy on ones mind and give a good dose of comfort.
I've gathered a few books on my list I wanna read. Short fiction books from authors I like. For instance Franz Kafka and Paulo Coelho! If Margaret Mitchell had written more then one book I would read them all :)

If you are into reading long books I could recommend Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Actually it was quick to read :)

Have you planned to read this summer?

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