Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gothenburg Haul

A day during this June month I went to Sweden. It was my first time in the country and it was great! I went there with a friend and one of his friends whom drove to Gothenburg. We went in the morning and after a couple hours we were in the city. We did some shopping, took photos, met a friend and went out to eat a couple times! The weather was comfortable though cloudy and later rainy. I got time to take photos before the endeless rain came pouring down.

Here's what I found in the city. The first purchase was a Nars lipstick. I found it at Sephora where I got a closer look at Nars makeup. This lipstick is called Bangkok. It is a perfect nude and sandy red color. The texture is quite nice. Also the staying time!

If only this Rimmel concealer would have a pink undertone I would love it! It is a bargain concealer with everything pretty perfect. For me I discovered I will only get use of it sometimes . The color is one of the pretties concealer colors though!

I bought I new beauty blender. These are good products for applying makeup!

I also picked up some decoration. I love the look of these items! :)

I hope to travel to the city again sometime. It is not that far from Oslo city.

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