Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Current Decor Favourites

Are not these decor pieces pretty? I love each single piece. Most of them decorate my window sill in my bedroom. Like those from the above picture. They look harmonious in the soft daylight through the window. I feel the white leaf and diamond almost looks powdery and kind of shiny. Both can hang on the wall, on the door or decorate a tree. The leaf looks elegant with rings on :) I gave leafs to some friends and they really liked them! I've really enjoyed decorating my room with plants as well. My latest treat has been the hourglass below. I see them so rarely and this one has a simple elegance I find super pretty! I find them calming to look at! And they inspire me to work on some art. There was one smaller with black sand as well at the store but I find white sand prettier! It lights up.

The leaf and diamond are from a flower shop called Mester Grønn. So are the two cactuses. The hourglass and decorative box are from Kid Interiør and the two candle holders from Tiger store.

What are your current decor favourites?

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