Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Candy Colour Blush Favourite

I was recently on the look out for something different in my makeup. Something subtle and interesting in colour. I decided to check out something from Mac. There my choice were between an eyeshadow, a strobing cream and a blush. From the picture below you can see what I chose. It is a little makeup gem I think. Because the colour is so wearable and candy coloured it stands a little out. Pastel colours are pretty when they look brightening and healthy. In the pan it does not look like the most harmonious colour but it definitely brings something interesting and glowy without looking washed out. Lately I've thought when others can look good with green blushes, crazy highlighters and dark purple lipsticks this blush can't be so scary to try for me. What do you think of candy coloured blush?

Mac Full of Joy Powder Blush

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