Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Read Lately. In a Dark, Dark Wood(2015) by Ruth Ware

I found a good crime book last month and read it in a week. The story and atmosphere were interesting. I would recommend it to everyone interesting in the genre. "In a Dark, Dark Wood"(2015) is written by Ruth Ware. 

 Leonora(Nora) is invited to a gathering for her old friend (Clare). Leonora  has not seen Clare in 10 years. She is told that her friend is going to get married. However she is not invited to the wedding and that makes her nervous. The gathering becomes a nightmare. The people there act a bit strange. It's like several thinks: I'm not here to get friends! Leonora gets a memory loss after something terrible happens. She ends up in hospital, then runs away to puzzle pieces of  what happened during that time together.

The atmosphere is electrical. The characters and their knowledge of each other well described. And their curiousity for each other well shown. And a secret is revealed. 

It was difficult to put down this book! That group of people together was interesting to read about. The language was vibrant. There were interesting details. Some for instance that shows Leonoras strenght. I liked that the main character is such a determined person. And that she is an author. She is definitely observant. Already on the first page one can tell she is a determined person. When she is running in that wood desperate for help. 

Something else I liked was that the mystery was solved fast. With that electrical atmosphere that was a good thing. I wished the book was longer! This was a very nice reading experience. 

What do you think about this book? 


  1. Nice

  2. Great post Karoline and it was nice to hear you enjoyed this book. Thrillers always have the best book covers, especially this one with the vivid pink typography. I’m too much of a wuss to read anything remotely scary but I’m currently reading a book by Enid Blyton, she is a famous UK children’s author. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog